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Notions - Fabric/Quilt Care
From quilt care to stain removers, these products will help you keep your fabric and quilts looking their best!

Beacon - Crayon Cleaner
Beacon's crayon cleaner removes tough crayon, grease, grime, oil, tar, wax and even old latex paint easily from many surfaces. It is fabric safe and does not leave behind any residue. Water-based and earth friendly, crayon cleaner is a proprietary, biodegradable solution that is free of ammonia, bleach, and petroleum solvents. 4 fluid oz.

Price: $4.99    

Best Press - 6 oz. Spray Bottle
Mary Ellen's Best Press is a clear starch alternative that makes ironing more enjoyable. Scented or non-scented, this clear 6 oz. spray bottle is environmentally-friendly. It's also easy to tell how much you have left. Best Press does not flake, clog, or leave white residue on dark fabrics. A special stain shield protects fabrics and, best of all, this product actually helps resist wrinkles No kidding! We love it! Available in several scents, use these small bottles to give it a try. You'll be hooked.


Price: $5.99    


Caring for Your Quilts
Should you quilt the top that you found at the estate sale? Is it possible to get that nasty stain out of your favorite quilt? Hallye Bone of St. Louis, Missouri answers these questions and more. She packs a wealth of information on how to care for your beloved textiles into this handy little volume. You'll find tips on storing, laundering, airing and displaying your quilts. Hallye tells how to make much-needed repairs on worn binding, applique and pieced areas, even on holes that go completely through the quilt. Whether you're a quilter or a collector, you'll want this book at your fingertips.

Price: $9.99    

Collins - Fray Check
Collins Fray Check is a liquid seam sealant that prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends. It will not discolor or stain most fabrics; however, you should test it on an inconspicuous seam just to be sure. Washable and Dry Cleanable.

Price: $4.99    

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover
Grandma's Secret Spot Remover is ideal for blood spots. It doesn't require any scrubbing and it won't harm the fabric. Just a drop is all it takes to remove tough stains like blood, oil, grease, ink, grass, make-up, spaghetti sauce and more. We think every quilter should have a bottle in her sewing basket. 2 oz.

Price: $4.99    

Grandma's Secret Wrinkle Remover
Simply spray and smooth with your hands and the wrinkles are gone. Grandma's Secret Wrinkle Remover also has a clean Springtime scent to help freshen up any stale and stuffy odors on your clothes, towels, sheets and linens.

Price: $5.99    

Quilt Soap (Orvus Paste)
Quilt Soap is a non-phosphorus biodegradable soap. It is perfect for washing quilts. One tablespoon is sufficient to clean your quilt. Complete instructions are included on the label.

Price: $11.99    

Quilt Storage Tissue
June Tailor's acid free quilt storage tissue preserves quilts, heirloom clothing and other fine cotton fabrics from a potentially acidic storage environment. The tissue helps prevent fiber breakdown and fabric discoloration in folded or creased areas. You can also use it to line shelves and storage containers. Each package contains 20 sheets 20 x 30" white, acid-free tissue.

Price: $6.99    

Retayne is a color fixative for commercially dyed cotton, linen and rayon fabrics that bleed. Use in the washing machine or treat by hand washing with hot water. Always test fabric before washing it for the first time. Only one application is necessary.

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Price: $0.00    


Retro Clean
Retro Clean is a gentle soaking agent designed to safely remove yellow age stains (including mildew, wood oil, tea, coffee, blood, water damage, baby formula and perspiration stains) from vintage quilts and all washable fabrics. This stuff really works and it will renew your treasured heirlooms to their original color and vitality. 4 oz. package.

Price: $5.99 per pkg.   
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