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Embroidery hoops in a variety of styles and sizes are found in this department.

Darice - Embroidery Hoops
This economical wooden embroidery hoop from Darice Craft Suppliers is perfect for any embroidery project. Thin and lightweight, the hoop comes in 9", 6" and 4" sizes.

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HOOP-La Embroidery Hoops
Add color and excitement to your embroidery projects! These Deluxe Luxite embroidery hoops with their Super Grip Lip and bright colors are from Susan Bates. They feature a small lip on the outer ring that ensures your fabric is securely in position and a metal tightening screw to keep your work smooth and even.

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Oak German Embroidery Hoop--6 inch
Solid oak embroidery hoops from Germany will hold your embroidery fabric firmly with a natural wood fiber grip that won't splinter or leave slivers in your fabric.

Price: $10.99