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BOM - Homeland Army
The contributions women made during World War I continue to influence our lives today. Find out how in this engaging and interesting club!

Homeland Army: Columbia's Pride Patriotic Quilt
This beautiful patriotic quilt kit or block of the month is named after Columbia, the female symbol of America before 1920. Perfect as a gift for a Quilt of Valor or similar project for a Veteran, the quilt measures 62" x 76"--the ideal size for a comfortable lap quilt. Columbia's Pride includes the fabric and patterns needed to complete the quilt top and binding, plus informational newsletters about the role of women in World War I. Two options for payment: Block of the Month at $19.99 per month for 13 months, postage paid or Complete Kit for $219.99 plus $6.95 shipping.

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Homeland Army Block Club - 1930s Colorway
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This is one of our most popular clubs! Sacrifice was the word of the day for women during World War I. In addition to being asked to give up their loved ones, women were expected to maintain the family morale, bring home a paycheck, give up certain items of food and clothing, and labor for social causes. And yet the choices these women made during this stunning period of change continue to impact our own lives today. Each month you will receive the fabric and pattern to make a 12" quilt block. A newsletter packed with history, adventure, embroidery pattern, and more is also included. Completed size of the quilt is approximately 62" x 76". Click through for more details.

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Block of the Month Club Special!
Join one Block of the Month Club at Regular Price; Get a Second One for $5.00 a month! This summer we're offering some of our most popular clubs at fantastic savings. You're going to love making the blocks and discovering all the accompanying materials! Shipping and handling is included in the price!

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