Convert to Fractions using this Decimal Chart (Example: 1-3/8 yards = 1.375 yards)
1/8 = .125    1/4 = .25   3/8 = .375   1/2 = .5   5/8 = .625   3/4 = .75   7/8 = .875

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Notions - Printer Sheets/Fabric
Use these products assist you in printing images directly onto fabric.

Ink Jet Printer Sheets
There are ten 8-1/2" x 11" cotton sheets for use with ink jet printers and copiers. These sheets are paper backed so that they will easily go through your inkjet printer. You load one sheet at a time. Then just peel the fabric from the paper packing. You can easily attach the sheets to your project by sewing them or using fusible bond. You can use images from scanned photos, web pages, digital cameras, photo CDs, paint and draw programs, and clip part. The fabric is light fast, soft and supple. Use it to make quilts, flags, t-shirts, bags, banners, cushions, doll clothes, labels and more.

Price: $17.99    

Transfer Eze
This is the easiest and fastest way to transfer designs for embroidery, applique, machine and hand quilting, punchneedle and more. Transfer-Eze is a pliable, water soluble film that needles well. You print your designs on the film side using a light setting on your printer. Peel the freeze paper backing away and stick Transfer-Eze directly onto your project. Then stitch right on the Transfer Eze. After needlework is finished, soak the Transfer-Eze to dissolve it from your project. 10 Sheets are included in each package.

Price: $17.99 per package