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Avoid needle prick and soreness with the finger protectors in this department.

Colonial - Needle Grip It
Colonial Needle Grip-it™ Finger Dots give your fingers a little more traction for hand sewing, quilting, cross-stitch and more. These dots are soft and flexible, like adding a second, soft plastic layer of skin. Just stick the dots to your thumb and any fingers you use to pull or push needles. Their special adhesive will keep them securely in place, even through hand-washing. There are 70 dots per package.

Price: $6.99 per package   

Colonial - Thimble It
Can't use those bulky thimbles? Colonial Thimble Its gave you a natural feeling self-adhesive pad to make sewing easier. Use it for a variety of needlework, including embroidery, hand sewing, cross stitch and quilting. The pads prevent sore fingers, feel natural, and are long lasting and convenient. There are 64 dots per package.

Price: $6.99 per package   

Colonial - Thimble Pad
Colonial's Thimble Pad is so comfortable, you'll forget it's there! The Thimble Pad is tough enough to handle the heaviest needlework or crafting projects but comfortable enough to wear all day. Its lightweight construction gives you more control over your needle work, so even the finest and most delicate stitching is a pleasure. Use each pad again and again. For maximum protection, stack two pads. Adhesive backing holds pads securely in place so there's no slipping or sliding.

Price: $9.99    

Rubber Thimble
Make quilting colorful and fun with these delightful thimbles! Scientists at the Dill Button Factory have developed an ergonomic soft rubber thimble which is extremely comfortable and lightweight. These colorful thimbles are available in small, medium, and large.

Price: $0.99