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Books - Cookbooks
A huge variety of cookbooks, from breads to mouth-watering desserts are found in this department. Delicious and inspiring, you will want to add them to your kitchen library.

Picnic Time
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Let's have a picnic! First, we'll craft a picnic basket from vintage treasures and fill it with classic and creative picnic fare. Then we're off to backyard, forest, roadside or campfire to enjoy festive sandwiches, garden slaws, fire roasted spreads, homemade raspberry marshmallows and more. Make a tin-can hobo stove, learn about roasting hot dogs on a nifty 1924 Model-T Ford exhaust manifold cooker and discover helpful hints to make your picnic special and easy. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 80 pages; softcover.

Price: $9.99    

Secrets of the Great Old Timey Cooks
Reminisce about simpler times as four 20th Century mountain pioneer women share their cooking secrets. These old-time cooks stir in their own wisdom and tales of growing up on rural farms, where they prepared delicious meals by lantern light on wood cook stoves. Included are heirloom recipes, proverbs, folk remedies, 80 vintage photos, 19th century rhymes and stories. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 72 pages.

Price: $9.99    

Take Two and Butter Them While They're Hot
This book is packed with heirloom recipes and kitchen wisdom. You'll cook your heart out with generations of hand-me-down recipes and food lore! Author Barbara Swell has whisked up weather and cooking folklore, food insults, old-time home remedies, vintage photographs, romance superstitions, hearth crafts and 19th century chores. Recipes include Brunswick Stew, Holiday Saffron Bread, Chicken Pie, Fried Green Tomatoes, Apricot Strudel and Lemon Pie Cake. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 72 pages.

Price: $9.99    

The Pioneer Village Cookbook
Step into our log cabin village and sample authentic pioneer cooking. From New England to Texas, the Appalachians to Pike's Peak, pioneer cooks had to be tough and self-sufficient--able to whip up hearty meals with little more than an iron pot and a sharp knife. Recipes range from Chisholm Trail Chili to Appalachian Stack Cake and Grandma Cody's Applesauce Cookies. If pioneer life has left you bruised and battered, we've included some curious remedies and questionable cure-alls. This book is loaded with captivating snippets of information, recipes, vintage art and photographs. Author: Ann Chandonnet; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 168 pages.

Price: $18.99    
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