Convert to Fractions using this Decimal Chart (Example: 1-3/8 yards = 1.375 yards)
1/8 = .125    1/4 = .25   3/8 = .375   1/2 = .5   5/8 = .625   3/4 = .75   7/8 = .875

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Notions - Bobbins/Bobbin Holders
Bobbins and holders to keep your threads organized are featured in this department.

Blue Feather - Bobbin Saver
This convenient and flexible bobbin saver, by Blue Feather, will help you organize small or large bobbins. It can hold over 20 of them, metal or plastic. The fun part is, if you accidentally drop it, the bobbins will stay where in the holder. You won't have to chase them all over the sewing room floor.

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Price: $11.99    


Bobbin Buddies
Keep those thread tails under control! Slip a bobbin buddy over your bobbin thread and it won't come unwound, even if you drop it. The package contains 12 bobbin buddies. These are for use with bobbins that are NOT in the machine.

Price: $8.99    

DMC - Floss Bobbin Winder
The DMC® Needlework Floss Bobbin Winder is ideal for winding floss, ribbon, threads or yarns onto floss bobbins. Fits on the side of the bobbin box; winds easily.

Price: $1.99    

DMC - Floss Bobbins
DMC's Needlework Floss Bobbins are the perfect holder for embroidery floss. Each bobbin holds one full skein of DMC® embroidery floss. 28 per package.

Price: $1.99