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Books - Scrap Quilts
Wondering what to do with all those scraps? These books will give you plenty of delightful ideas for using up your fabric stash!

Sisterhood of Scraps
This book contains twelve delightful quilts from seven fantastic designers. These scrap quilts were made by Lissa Alexander, Susan Ache, Kim Brackett, Barbara Brackman, Sheryl Johnson, Sandy Klop and Laurie Simpson. If you love scrap quilting, you'll love the possibilities! Authors: Various; Martingale Press; 96 pages; softcover.

Price: $27.99    

Stash Lab
This book allows you to find fresh new ways to combine the scraps you've been collecting. Perfect for budget-minded quilters, these visually pleasing designs give a modern slant to traditional quilt blocks. You'll discover three scrap equations that will make you fearless about fabric. Choose from 11 appealing projects for confident beginners and beyond. Time saving techniques for sorting and storing are also included: Author: Tonya Alexander; Martingale Press; 80 pages, softcover.

Price: $24.99    

Stash Statement
Make the most of your fabrics with these easy improv quilts. You'll learn three methods for sewing together rectangles, squares, strips and even the tiniest fabric scraps to create new yardage; then use the resulting scrappy fabrics in a dozen dazzling step-by-step quilt patterns. Author: Kelly Young; Martingale Press; 64 pages; softcover.

Price: $23.99    

Twice as Nice
Now you can put every scrap to use--even those trimmed off corner pieces--with this assortment of eye-catching projects. Choose from six fun quilt patterns, each with a bonus project such as a wall hanging, pin cushion, or lap quilt for a total of 12 unique designs. You'll discover a great system for using up leftovers and getting the most out of your fabric. Author: Kari M. Carr; Martingale Press; 64 pages; softcover.

Price: $22.99    
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