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Notions - Marking Tools
These marking tools include pencils, pens, and markers to use when sewing and quilting.

Aunt Martha - Transfer Pencils
Be creative and design your own transfer patterns with these hot iron transfer pencils from Aunt Martha. Just place the tracing (drawing side down) on the fabric to be decorated, press with medium hot iron and in minutes you have your own stamped design. They are easy to use and so fun to work with. 2 Pencils per package. Don't forget your floss!

Price: $3.99    

Clover - Chaco Liner Pen
Clover's pen style chaco liner is a great way to mark your patterns and projects. The tapered point makes it easy for marking and fits easily into your hand. The fine point permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and freehand curves, and also makes lines and marks more visible. It is easy to use with a straight edge and easy to refill with screw-on cartridges (sold separately).

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Price: $10.99    


Clover - Chaco Liner Refill Cartridge
These refills for your Pen Style Chaco Liner will allow you to make accurate drawing of both straight lines and free hand curves. The fine point of the pen makes lines and marks more visible. This replacement refill comes in a variety of colors.

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Price: $5.99 per cartridge   


Clover - Fabric Eraser
This Pencil Fabric Eraser by Clover is perfect for your sewing and quilting needs. The eraser tip is large and it will not get caught in the fabric. Easy to use!

Price: $6.99    

Clover - Hera Marker for Applique
Cover's hera marker for applique, made of durable plastic, is used for marking and pressing patchwork, quilting, applique, and sewing. One end is curved and flat; the other is a fine point. It also works well for achieving a crisp crease for paper and cards too!

Price: $6.99    

Clover - Water Soluble Pencil
Clover's Water Soluble Pencil in white allows you mark your project and start sewing! Suited for precise line markings, it can be easily wiped off with water. Use it for creating fine lines when sewing, stitching or quilting.

Price: $3.99    

Clover - Water Soluble Pencil (3 Color Assortment)
Mark & Sew! What makes Clover's Water Soluble Pencil useful is that is that it easily wipes off with water. This marking pen is suited for precise marking, and it enables you to draw a fine line on cloth. It is also very useful for marking when you sew, stitch and quilt. Three Pencils: White, Blue and Pink.

Price: $8.99    

Collins - 120 Inch Tape Measure
This extra long 120 inch tape measure by Collins will measure your quilts up to King size. It features extra large numbers for ease of reading. It will not tear, stretch, shrink, or fade.

Price: $4.99    

Collins - 14 in 1 Measuring Gauge
Collins 14 in 1 Measuring Gauge is a double-sided aluminum measuring gauge that features 14 functional measurements. Every measurement you ever wanted from 1/8 inch to 1-3/4 inch is included. Keep it near the sewing machine to double check small measurements. This is a great gift item or stocking stuffer.

Price: $2.99    

Collins - Big Yellow Tape Measure
Collins Big Yellow Tape Measure is 60" long. It features extra large numbers for ease of reading. It will not tear, stretch, shrink, or fade.

Price: $2.99    
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