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Embroidery - Redwork/Supplies
Redwork embroidery supplies for completing redwork embroidery projects needs are included in this department.

Aunt Martha - Tracing Pad
This fun pad of tracing paper allows you to easily trace and transfer designs onto the fabric you want so you can embroider your next project with precision. Tracing pads contain 50 sheets of tracing paper. Instructions for use are on the front cover.

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Price: $6.99    


Aunt Martha - Tracing Pad and Pencil Combo Pack
Aunt Martha's combo pack gives you 50 sheets of tracing paper and 2 hot iron transfer pencils. These tools allow you to easily trace and transfer designs onto fabric so you can embroider your next project with precision. Tracing pads contain 50 sheets of tracing paper. Two pencils are included in this combo package. Don't forget your floss!

Price: $10.99    

Aunt Martha - Transfer Pencils
Be creative and design your own transfer patterns with these hot iron transfer pencils from Aunt Martha. Just place the tracing (drawing side down) on the fabric to be decorated, press with medium hot iron and in minutes you have your own stamped design. They are easy to use and so fun to work with. 2 Pencils per package. Don't forget your floss!

Price: $3.99    

DMC - Embroidery Needles Size 3/9
DMC Embroidery Needles with their sharp ends are just right for any type of hand embroidery projects. Each package contains 16 needles. Size 3 is the largest needle. Size 10 is the smallest needle.

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Price: $1.99 per package   


HOOP-La Embroidery Hoops
Add color and excitement to your embroidery projects! These Deluxe Luxite embroidery hoops with their Super Grip Lip and bright colors are from Susan Bates. They feature a small lip on the outer ring that ensures your fabric is securely in position and a metal tightening screw to keep your work smooth and even.

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Price: $0.00    


John James - Embroidery Needles Various Sizes
John James Embroidery Needles are made in English and are one of the finest quality English needles on the market. There are 16 needles in a package. Size 3/9 and 5/10 are assorted sizes. Size 3 is the largest needle. Size 10 is the smallest.

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Price: $2.99 per package   


Tool Tron - Victorian Embroidery Scissors
Treat yourself to a great pair of scissors! Made of stainless steel, Tool Tron's 3.5" Victorian Embroidery Scissors are packaged with a matching leather sheath. These scissors snip even the tiniest of stitches with ease. Available in your choice of color: blue, green, pink, purple and red.

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Price: $9.99    


Transfer Eze
This is the easiest and fastest way to transfer designs for embroidery, applique, machine and hand quilting, punchneedle and more. Transfer-Eze is a pliable, water soluble film that needles well. You print your designs on the film side using a light setting on your printer. Peel the freeze paper backing away and stick Transfer-Eze directly onto your project. Then stitch right on the Transfer Eze. After needlework is finished, soak the Transfer-Eze to dissolve it from your project. 10 Sheets are included in each package.

Price: $17.99 per package