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Notions - Iron Care/Irons and Iron Care
Check out the quality irons and professional ironing accessories listed in this department.

Bo-Nash - Iron Clean
This is the easy way to clean your iron's surface! Iron Clean removes residue from fusibles, facings and other sticky products. It's easy! No mess, no fuss! 10 sheets per package.

Price: $4.99 per package   

Dritz - Iron Off Hot Iron Cleaner
Iron-Off hot iron cleaner from Dritz removes starch, fusible web, & detergents from irons. Simply empty water from iron and set on "cotton," the squeeze about 2" of Iron-Off onto thick folded cloth and rub the hot iron over the cloth in a circular motion. Then wipe your iron clean with a thick folded cloth. Always make sure to have an open window or ventilation when removing a thick build up on your iron.

Price: $6.99    

Grey Wool Pressing Mat
This 100% wool pressing mat absorbs steam essentially pressing on both sides at once. Wool pressing mats are the very best surface to iron quilt blocks, embroidery projects, and sewing crafts. It absorbs steam so that it's just like pressing both sides at the same time. 12" x 18" x 1/2".

Price: $0.00