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1/8 = .125    1/4 = .25   3/8 = .375   1/2 = .5   5/8 = .625   3/4 = .75   7/8 = .875

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Notions - Pins & Needles/Safety Pins
Safety pins can be used for a variety of projects, including machine quilting. This department includes a selection of sizes.

Collins - Curved Basting Pins Size 1
These nickel-plated brass pins will not rust or tarnish so pins can be safely left in your quilt or sewing project. The curved pin is easier to insert and close, and helps keep your project laying flat. Size 1, 100 pieces per package.

Price: $14.99    

EZ - Basting Brights Safety Pins
Wrights® EZ® Basting Brights Size 1 Safety Pins come in a variety of colors that can easily be seen on your quilt. They are perfect for basting quilts together and also make unique jewelry pieces when crafting. With their smooth finish, there are 200 pieces in each package. Colors are: Red, Green, Blue and Purple.

Price: $12.99 per package   

Paula Jean Creations - Kwik Klip
Paula Jean Creations' Kwik Klip puts an end to sore fingers. It reduces basting time and ends bunching. Its unique design and ease of use helps those with arthritis baste quilts without pain. Children basting is safer and easier, because their fingers are never near the safety pin point. This tool also removes safety pins faster and easier.

Price: $8.99