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If you are looking for pins, you'll find them here. There are several different types. Choose the ones that are best for your projects!

Clover - Applique Pins
These Clover® appliqué Glass Head 3/4" pins are perfect for small appliqué work. The iron proof glass head is small and easy to work around. The pins come in a handy reclosable case. There are 120 pieces in all. (.60 mm thick.)

Price: $7.99    

Clover - Fork Pins
Fork pins temporarily and firmly put even a slippery material lining together. It securely holds hard to handle lining fabrics and soft materials prevent movement. The round root part is bent for easy use. There are 35 pins per box. (0.56 x 40 mm.)

Price: $11.99    

Clover - Patchwork Pins Fine
Clover's Patchwork Pins (Fine) are extra-fine pins that are .4mm diameter and 36mm length. They have heat resistant glass heads of transparent blue and yellow. The very sharp extra-fine point on these patchwork pins makes them perfect for quilting. They will not melt when using an iron to press your fabric.

Price: $9.99    

Clover - Red and White Silk Pins
In our opinion, these red and white silk pins by Clover are absolutely the best pins on the market for use with quilting. They are excellent for light weight fabrics. They penetrate the fabric like butter and will not leave pin marks. Silk pins are 0.5 mm in diameter and have red or white glass heads that will not melt with the heat of an iron. Once you try these, you'll want to throw your other pins away! Boxed: 100 pins.

Price: $6.99    

Collins - Crystal Glass Head Pins
Collins crystal glass head pins are very fine pins with excellent, sharp tips that glide right through fabric. The extra long length (1-7/8") makes them well suited for quilting and sewing projects. The yellow and blue crystal glass make them easy to see on fabrics. We think they will soon become your favorite quilting pin.

Price: $10.99    

Collins - Flat Flower Pins (Bonus Pack) Multi Color
Designed with a flat head in multiple colors, these flat flower pins by Collins are easy to work with. You can iron over them without leaving a trace on your fabric. They are also perfect for holding stacks of fabric together when cutting multiple layers with a rotary cutter. Approximately 2" long, there are 100 in each package.

Price: $9.99 per package   

Collins - Pearl Head Pins (Assorted Colors)
Collins® pearl head pins in assorted colors are 1-1/2" fine, sharp, nickel plated pins with a .60mm steel shaft. They can be used for adding a quality decorative touch to your home sewing and craft projects and for general sewing projects. 100 pieces.

Price: $6.99 per package   

Collins - T-Pins
These fine, sharp, 1-1/4" nickel plated T-Pins by Collins have a .75mm steel shaft for extra strength. These are basic, all purpose pins for home sewing and craft projects.

Price: $6.99    

IRIS - Swiss Super Fine Pins
Made in Switzerland, these extra long (1¼") hardened steel pins are nickel-plated with super fine, super points. Especially good for all fine fabrics, these pins won't leave holes or bend out of shape. They come in a handy, metal tin that is great for storing your pins. 500 pins per tin.

Price: $13.99