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Quilt Club - Hoppin and Shoppin
Quilt Club - Hoppin and Shoppin
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Sally's shopping her way across the USA! From Maryland to California, she's hopping from quilt shop to quilt shop enjoying a hobby she loves so much. You'll follow her as she uncovers fascinating facts about 12 new states, collects quilt patterns, learn new tips and techniques, and has a load of fun! Four fabulous quilt colorways from which to choose. Door prizes, friends both new and old, as well as the latest in quilt store happenings are already lined up on our itinerary. You won't want to miss a single mile of our quilt club journey together. It's going to be a boisterous, bang-up, entire car load of fun! Winter Classes: Jan. 2/3/4; Feb. 6/7/8; Mar. 5/6/7; & Apr. 2/3/4. Class Fee is $10 per month.