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Books - Scrap Quilts
Wondering what to do with all those scraps? These books will give you plenty of delightful ideas for using up your fabric stash!

Sew Charming
Cut 5" squares from your favorite fabrics or use charm packs to stitch a quilt today. Each scrappy quilt pattern is shown in two versions--one made with pre-cut charm squares and another created with scraps of fabric cut 5" square. Take your pick of 18 irresistible small and wall quilts in a variety of styles, from traditional to more modern. Authors: Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene; Martingale Press; 80 pages; softcover.

Price: $24.99    

Enjoy the art of string quilting with this modern approach to a traditional quilt block. There are 12 modern projects from one time-honored block.The patterns are in all sizes and styles, with creative techniques for free-form piecing. This is scrap quilting at its best. Author: Rana Heredia; Palmer Printing; 72 pages plus pull-out pattern; softcover.

Price: $22.95    

Small and Scrappy
Based on traditional patterns, these delightful little patchwork treasures are perfect additions to a quilter's decor. The book includes 16 simple, small, fast to create patterns that you will enjoy stitching. The classic blocks are paired with reproduction fabrics to create projects that have the authentic look of days gone by. Author: Kathleen Tracy; Martingale Press; 80 pages; softcover.

Price: $24.99    

Start with Strips
These gorgeous, colorful quilts all start with 2-1/2" fabric strips. Author Susan Ache shows you her tricks for sorting, without worrying about choosing colors or prints. Whether you use jelly rolls, yardage, or scraps from your stash, you'll love creating these beautiful quilts. Author: Susan Ache; Martingale Press; 80 pages; softcover.

Price: $25.99    

Stash Lab
This book allows you to find fresh new ways to combine the scraps you've been collecting. Perfect for budget-minded quilters, these visually pleasing designs give a modern slant to traditional quilt blocks. You'll discover three scrap equations that will make you fearless about fabric. Choose from 11 appealing projects for confident beginners and beyond. Time saving techniques for sorting and storing are also included: Author: Tonya Alexander; Martingale Press; 80 pages, softcover.

Price: $24.99    

Twice as Nice
Now you can put every scrap to use--even those trimmed off corner pieces--with this assortment of eye-catching projects. Choose from six fun quilt patterns, each with a bonus project such as a wall hanging, pin cushion, or lap quilt for a total of 12 unique designs. You'll discover a great system for using up leftovers and getting the most out of your fabric. Author: Kari M. Carr; Martingale Press; 64 pages; softcover.

Price: $22.99    
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