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Notions - Acrylic Rulers/Templates
These specialty rulers and templates help you complete projects quickly and easily.

Olfa - Frosted Ruler 6 x 24
This 6" x 24" Olfa® frosted Acrylic ruler is non-slip, and comes with the frosted Advantage™. Marked with Black numbers and Black lines for clarity, your measurements will be clear and easy to read on light and dark fabrics. The ruler has easy to read grid lines- 1" grid with 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8" increments for precise measurements. It also includes a unique angle cutting grid design to make 15°, 30°, 45°. 60°, and 90° cuts, and can use used right or left-handed.

Price: $29.99    

Omnigrid - Ruler Trio
Omnigrid Trio is a set of three rulers that make it easy to mark a variety of items. The fine center line leaves no doubt where to align the ruler and the narrow rulers are easier to mark with than using more bulky rotary rulers. The Ruler markings are highly visible with 1/8 inch markings for easy alignment. Set includes a 4", 6" and 12" ruler.

Price: $21.99    

Quick Quarter Ruler
You'll never cut or piece triangles again once you try The Quick Quarter Ruler by Quilter's Rule. This fabulous little tool is perfect for making quick half square triangles and quarter square triangles. Step-by-step instructions and photos are included.

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Price: $0.00    


Quilt in a Day - Mini Geese Ruler Set
This Quilt In A Day® ruler is made of a heavy gauge plastic and is Laser Precise. The Mini Geese Set contains three rulers; #1 measures 4-1/2"x 2-1/2" for finished mini geese that are 2"x 4" and 1"x 2", #2 measures 3-1/2"x 2" for finished mini geese that are 1-1/2"x 3" and 3/4"x 1-1/2", and a 2-1/2" fussy cut square ruler. An instruction booklet included.

Price: $17.99    

Quilter's Magic Wand
The Quilter's Magic Wand is an accurate ½” wide ruler with an etched line running down the middle. Use it for marking or measuring when high precision is required. It is especially useful for marking those diagonal seam lines when using the Tucker Trimmer line of tools. Assorted colors. Let us pick one for you!

Price: $4.99    
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