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Notions - Adhesives/Fusible Web
In addition to adhesives, fusible web melts when heated. When placed between two pieces of fabric, the melting action fuses the fabrics together. Fusible web also works for quick hem repair.

Fusible Web - Steam a Seam 2
Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick fusible web is pressure sensitive on both sides which allows for a temporary hold to both the appliqué material and the background material. You can hold your project vertically and the appliqué pieces stay in place, yet they are still repositionable until fused with an iron. Before fusing, tack your project to a wall or try on a garment to check appliqué placement. You're able to reposition pieces while you're wearing them. Once fused, the bond is strong and permanent. If you leave the edges unfinished, it will not fray or lift; however, if you choose to stitch through it, it will not gum up your needle. This is half the weight of of regular fusible web.

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Fusible Web - Steam A Seam 2 Lite
Steam a Seam Lite is a new lightweight fusible web from the Warm Company. Like the original, Steam a Seam Lite has a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows for a temporary hold to your materials. There is no pressing until your entire applique is in place. This is half of the weight of the regular version. The bond is strong and permanent. Leaving the edges unfinished, it will not fray or lift; however, it will not gum up your needle if you choose to stitch through it.

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Gold Quick Bias
Gold Quick Bias from Clover features is a pre-folded, iron on bias tape. It sill eliminate time consumption in making and pinning it in place. Excellent for use in stained glass quilting, celtic, applique work projects requiring the use of 1/4" bias tape. 11 yards 1/4" wide.

Price: $18.00    

Mistyfuse is the ideal sheer fusible. It is paperless for versatility. Environmentally friendly, this pure fusible has been extruded to an ultra-fine web for a stay-soft, strong bond, without adding bulk. Mistyfuse is solvent-free with no added adhesives to gum up your needles. Mistyfuse is suitable for a wide variety of fabrics from velvets and cottons to delicate tulle and organzas--also good for paper, craft foam, leather and many other materials. Wash warm or dry clean. Package contains one piece 20" wide x 2-1/2 yards long. Illustrated fusing instructions are included.

Price: $8.99 per package   

Roxanne - Glue Baste It
Roxanne™'s glue-baste-it is a 100% water soluble, dries in minutes, adhesive. Its unique applicator top allows for controlled placement of tiny glue droplets. It does not contain harmful chemicals, dyes, or waxes and does not feel stiff to the touch. It cleans up with water and washes out of fabric with soapy water, even after ironing or sewing. Use it for for scrapbooking, appliqué work, quilt binding, chenille strips, anywhere you would normally use pins. Acid-free, non-toxic and safe for children. The convenient temporary 1 oz. comes in an EZ-Squeezie bottle with a needlenose tip for placement control.

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