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Fun embroidery patterns form the 1930s by Yesterday's Charm are featured in this embroidery category.

These seven iron-on embroidery transfers for dish towels feature Molly and Mae, the Sunbonnet Babies, as they go about their daily chores. You'll find them cleaning, doing laundry, ironing, shopping, baking and going to church. You can create these using embroidery only, or with fabric crayons for a special creative touch!

Price: $9.00    

Rise and Shine
Rise & Shine iron-on embroidery transfer patterns from Yesterday's Charm features seven adorable chickens, five hens and two roosters. See them as they crow at the morning sun, protect their chicks from a scarecrow, roost, and dig for bugs and grains. These patterns are perfect for embroidering on dishtowels or pillowcases. Nine colors of embroidery floss are suggested.

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Price: $8.00