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Books - Cookbooks
A huge variety of cookbooks, from breads to mouth-watering desserts are found in this department. Delicious and inspiring, you will want to add them to your kitchen library.

1st American Cookie Lady
In 1917, Anna "Cookie" Covington set out to record all of her favorite cookie recipes as a gift to her daughter because no published cookie recipe books existed at the time. Strangely, her 76 page handwritten personal cooking diary was never delivered to her daughter as planned. 88 years later, the unused diary fell into the hands of food historian Barbara Swell, who recognized it as perhaps the earliest collection of American cookie recipes, dating from the mid-1880s through World War I. The book includes 221 recipes recorded from 1917-1920 along with adaptations for modern kitchens, vintage graphics and photos, World War I food shortage recipes, plus curiosities of cookie baking history. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 6" x 9"; 152 pages.

Price: $18.99    

A Garden Supper Tonight
What shall we do with all the garden harvest we've acquired? This book provides a practical solution. Have a seat on the old front porch glider while we string a mess of pole beans for a garden feast tonight. We'll have the same in-season supper our great grandmothers fixed back in 1895 when food was food, raised close to home and made from scratch for family and friends every day. Garden Supper Tonight contains vintage economical seasonal recipes, food curiosities, and timeless advice on all things home and gardening. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 6" x 9"; 152 pages.

Price: $18.99    

Aunt Barb's Bread Book
Yesterday's Bread for Today's Kitchen. Here are breads like your grandmother used to bake! Follow the recipes in this book and you'll be baking up your great grandmother's wholesome, tasty hearth-baked breads in your own kitchen today! You'll be amazed by the stunning loaves and rolls you pluck from new or vintage cast ironware, baking stones, or everyday gizmos that produce yesterday's radiant cooking environments for your modern oven, wood fireplace, or campfire. Recipes from 1820 through 1920 include harvest apple bread, whole-grain little gem bread, oat sandwich loaf, buttermilk rolls and more. Period photographs, history of 19th Century American Bread and baking with local flour are also included. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 72 pages.

Price: $9.99    

Children at the Hearth
Eat your way back in time and enter the world of American children as they lived 150 years ago. Sample foods, folklore and games found in the parlors of the wealthy, the boarding houses of the working class, and the cabins on the western frontier. Children at the Hearth is filled with 19th Century cooking, manners and games. Includes over 60 vintage photos plus historic recipes like cat head biscuits, sugar plums and hobo mulligan stew. Learn to make snow candles and snow taffy, tell Appalachian ghost stories and play roley hole and jack straws. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 72 pages.

Price: $9.99    

Classic Liqueurs
Discover how surprisingly easy it is to make professional quality liqueurs at a fraction of their retail price. Here you'll find detailed instructions for creating over 100 liqueurs and beverages, from classic favorites that taste just like well-known brands to delightful new liqueurs that you'll be pleased to serve. Perfect for gifts.

Price: $12.99    

Crossroads - Country Recipes
You're sure to fall in love with these recipes which are meant to recall the same recipes that "mom" made. Deserts, snacks, breads, salads, and casseroles are included among the commonsense motherly advice (or grandmotherly!) you'd expect from a quality cookbook such as this!

Price: $19.95    

Early American Cookery
This amazing piece of folk history was originally published in 1896 amidst a colonial revival frenzy that swept America's eastern seaboard in the 1890s. Determined to preserve American colonial cooking, Margaret Hooker collected quaint and curious recipes and remedies that appear to have come from old and reliable sources ranging form the mid-1700s to mid-1800s. Her 266 original illustrations of cooking utensils give us a glimpse of colonial America as seen through the eyes of a young artist and teacher of 1896. Recipes, beauty secrets, etiquette, candle making and household hints are included. Written in 18th century long S style print. Author: Margaret Huntington Hooker; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 248 pages.

Price: $18.99    

Gourmet Vinegars
Back to the Basics, this book contains the how-tos of making and cooking with vinegars. Amazingly easy instructions to create delicately flavored berry, fruit, flower, herb, spice and vegetable vinegars. Marsha Peters Johnson, well-known specialty vinegar manufacturer, reveals her secrets for top-quality vinegars as perfect for gift-giving as for enlivening favorite dishes.

Price: $6.95    

Log Cabin Cooking
Pioneer Recipes and Food Lore. Peppered with 19th century photographs, Log Cabin Cooking is smothered with old-time recipes, kitchen proverbs, even a pinch of proper pioneer etiquette! Make-do recipes include Leather Britches, Ash Cake and Portable Soup, using the ingredients available to settlers 150 year ago! Other goodies include hand-dipped candle making, soup warnings, molasses taffy, faux foods, zucchini clarinet and ginger beer. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 64 pages.

Price: $9.99    

Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy
Make a darn good pie in a jiffy! You'll feel like you're back in your grandma's kitchen as she shows you how to roll out her flaky, tender pie crust. Recipes date from 1831, many from 19th century handwritten cooking journals. Includes old time pie lore, pie insults, why men love pie, pie contest tips, vintage photos, historic recipes, and more. Additional materials include overcoming pie crust fear, 12 pies husbands love best, and advice from 1930s pie aunts. Author: Barbara Swell; Native Ground Books; softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"; 72 pages.

Price: $9.99    
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